My name is Dan Rammer and I'm a PhD candidate at Colorado State University. My interests, as part of the Network Security research group, include all things security & privacy.


As stated previously, I'm a PhD candidate working on network security problems. My main project, proddle, collects application layer measurements in an attempt to determine domain accessability. I'm hoping to extend my research initiatives to focus more-so on detecting differential treatment of anonymous users and enchancing availability privacy centric technologies.


Growing up in Wisconsin, I've had a love for the outdoors instilled from a young age. Spending time in Colorado has extended by passions from car camping & white-tail hunting to long backpacking trips and scouring Colorado's western slope for Elk. Spending time in the mountains is a perfect way to unravel from technology.


During my undergrad I was fortunate enough to participate in Track & Cross Country for UW Oshkosh (Hail Titans!). I've carried that passion with me for years. Though I regretfully admit that my fastest half mile is likely far behind me, I still enjoy the occasional road race and trail run.