Clearing the Bush: Part Dos

2017-03-30 12:19:33

Here's my second attempt at writing this blog. I've decided on the rewrite after a failed attempt using the wordpress framework. My qualms with the aforementioned reach far beyond the scope of this post, so I'll save them for later. This project is available on my github as blogrhino.

Overall this iteration presents many improvements.

To start the OG bushpath website was served using static web pages with a very elementary postgres backend. Blogrhino uses a mariadb backend that houses everything related to the pages. This allows for blogrhino to serve much more than my personal blogging website.

Currently the only theme is 'talking-turkey'. My hope, as this project progresses, is to implement easily interchangable themes. With that in mind, I'm building the functionality into the framework from the beginning.

I know, hold the rotten tomatoes, I'm really stretching for this third point. Making posts searchable by both keywords and tags is a fundamental element in any modern blogging framework. Anything to keep the masses happy.

As the project progresses I plan on continually updating in further posts. Following my first foray into front end development, I began with a post highly critical of the discipline. Since working on two projects I've loosened my rageful stance. I've learning a ton and feel much more confident progressing towards my ultimate goal. To learn web application development as a precursor to deepening my security background.

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