Buzzword Overload

2017-04-02 08:53:18

Artificial intelligence, darknet, Russian hackers, machine learning. We've all seen these words and phrases in countless headlines over the past few years. I fear things are only going to get worse as cyber security becomes a larger focal point to the uninformed public.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fortunately, many of us, as passionate students of computer science, understand the implications of using these terms. Unfortunately these terms manifest themselves to the general public as a possibility for hostile machine takeover. Preying on the uninformed public to sell headlines is irresponsible journalism at best. And I hope that this trend will soon die in favor of the truth, new algorithms are being discovered that improve performance of many applications. That's it, simple enough. Plainly, computers cannot think for themselves.

Moving on to the darknet, darkweb, deepnet, etc. It's quite apparent that journalists covering these topics have no understanding that TOR is an overlay network and not completely disconnect from the Internet. Additionally, it's painted as a cesspit of nefarious individuals hell bent on destroying all morality. Not a haven for political dissidents, social outcasts, and the like. Finally, quit throwing in a background image of a guy in a zipup hoodie. Some hackers choose to wear T-Shirts, albeit black.

Blaming the entirity of hacks on Russian/Chinese hackers is akin to the shady journalism surrounding AI. To stay short, many articles present no sane argument instead settling for gerrymandering of uninformed politicians.

Irregardless of where you stand on these topics I think we can all agree that these terms are used far too frequently. It pains me to flip through new stories everyday, something I remain foolishly hopeful will change.

tag(s): artificial intelligence darknet